Hi everyone, Thank God it’s Fri-Yaayy!!! Notice I didn’t say Friday. Lol it’s not your typical day. It’s the day after Thursday, the day before Saturday. A weekend!!! Now I know how important this day and the two days ahead are for some who work in corporate Nigeria. You make[…]


‘Tis the season

“Are you going to pray for God to give you something, but when it comes, you don’t want to take it by faith?” I listened to a sermon a few weeks ago, and those are the (paraphrased) words that stuck out to me. Like, are you going to ask ‘Santa’[…]

Hi beautiful ladies, I hope you’re all doing great and your weekday went on smoothly. This is for anyone who faced challenges or trials this week and because we would all be going through it as long as we’re on earth, it’s good to know and be aware that God[…]


You should know my “P”

If you’ve never wondered what your Purpose is, you’re one of the lucky few. Most of us spend our energy looking for it, praying for it, and wondering if we’ve missed it. We study our gifts to see if there’s a hidden purpose in there that we might have overlooked.[…]


Looking for Jonny

There was one guy called Jonah. His friends probably called him Jo. (Or Jonny.) He must have been an alright kinda guy, because God chose to talk to him, of all the people in the world at that time. God was like, “Yo, Jo. Come and help me talk to[…]


For such a time as this

A few things clearly differentiate our generation from those who came before. One is social media, another is technology, and there’s also the aggressive pursuit of the self above all other things. Looking at it all, it’s very easy to be discouraged, to think the world is going to hell[…]

Every lady needs at least one versatile and stylish piece of clothing in their wardrobe that can go with anything; just in case you might want to switch it up from a casual look to a day time event, or better still dinner. CASUAL DAY DENIM is always a good[…]


First of all,

Christianity is the most confusing belief system; it is so intangible. The minute you think God strikes down all sinners, King David goes and sins repeatedly and God still blesses him. The minute you think you’ve crammed all the commandments, Jesus comes and says, ‘Don’t worry about all that, just[…]

Hello beautiful people, Hope everyone’s feeling good today? It’s amazing how every weekend people celebrate the good times in their lives from birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc. I always believed in the words “Less is more” and it’s true, less is, actually more. It’s about a minimalist approach to styling your[…]

Hi Guys, It’s another Friday and I’m here as usual to talk about all things fashion. Colour doesn’t only have meaning when we talk about fashion but it encompasses our lives as well. Colour is a part of life. What would the earth look like without colour? How would we[…]