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We all love music. We may have different tastes, but we all hum along when we hear our favourite songs. King David in the bible was a musician. Yes, he was also a soldier and a poet and a shepherd and a King, but he loved music so much, he[…]

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The Heart of the Matter

When we think about the heart, a few things come to mind: Irrational decisions. Romantic movies. People who cry all the time. Emotions. Heartbreak. We’ve come to believe that the heart is a weak thing we must disregard in order to make sound decisions in life. When God thinks about[…]


June Giveaway!

Have you seen the movie, “War Room”? Have people been talking about it around you for ages, and you’re wondering what the big deal is? Or, have you been hoping to watch it without having to buy a pirated DVD in traffic? Well. Now you can WIN an ORIGINAL “War[…]

Developing People is a One-Day seminar session to help people be more conscious of their life impact, grow and develop into their best selves and build reliable life long networks & relationships. Topics to be discussed include: • Growing and Developing in your personal, career and business life • Importance[…]