Do you ever question the goodness of God?

After receiving the revelation of God’s holiness, the one other revelation I’ve had of God is of His goodness. Previously, the word “Good” didn’t mean much to me. I considered it a pretty bland word (boring, even) and I felt justified in my estimation of it. Let’s face it, in the progression of “good-better-best”, good is the bottom of the pack. It also didn’t help that it was the adjective my dad mostly used when I asked him how I looked or how he liked my hair, outfits etc.  Consequently, by the time I was older, the word “good” felt a bit (a lot) worn out. It just wasn’t a favourite of mine. During this period, the statement “God is good” had no real impact on me. I mean, give me an All Powerful God, an Almighty God or a Miraculous God and we’re talking. But for a Good God, my reaction was…Meh.  As far as I was concerned, the word didn’t do God any justice. But boy, was I wrong.

 So when did I finally catch this revelation of a Good God?

It was some time in my sophomore (second) year of college. A group of us had just finished praying as we did most nights. After our 30-minute prayer, I went back to my dorm room to continue praying. The presence of God was so heavy, in my room, and I felt waves of God’s love wash over me. With my head bowed to the ground, I started weeping…snot, tears, and the full tableau of ugly cry. The reality of His love for me in spite of my unworthiness was definitely humbling. From nowhere (I now believe it was spirit inspired), I began to tell the Lord that He was good…and I meant it. The amazing thing was that I finally understood that God is indeed good. He is the essence of the very word. Good exists because of God; it starts from Him. There’s no injustice in Him, no malice, no spitefulness, no sin…nothing negative. His goodness is in contrast to our sinful nature.  Isn’t that beautiful? He can’t help but be good; and get this, we get to hinge all our hopes, dreams and desires on a GOOD God. Because of His goodness, He can only have good plans for us. It’s the ultimate “everything is going to be alright” message.

That’s not all there is to this “Good God” revelation.  You might be thinking, “So, what if God is good? What does that mean for my walk with Him?”

It means that you can count on His goodness showing up in your life in some of the most amazing ways.

For example, just before I returned home to Nigeria, I was a little sad that my last few months had gone the way they had, but I held myself up and carried on as best as I could. A few days before I was to leave the US, a few girlfriends and I decided to go out to dinner. When we were done at the restaurant, we decided to take a walk before going home.

As we were walking, we heard the tunes to a song by my favourite Christian band; they were playing at the concert arena near the restaurant. I had previously looked up tickets for this particular concert but decided not to go as I was saving all my monies for the move back home.  My friends excitedly ran over to the ticket counter to see if they could buy tickets, but I stood off to the side. The ticket guy told them to wait and walked away.  What happened next was so crazy, we still marvel at how it could have worked out the way it did. When he returned, he pulled up the barricade and let them in. I, of course, ran over to join them and all five of us were allowed in. Uhmm? Like HOW? We were all so baffled by the turn of events because the tickets to that show were upwards of $150. To top it off, we got AMAZING seats! Again I ask, how? According to my friends, this was a going away present from God.  I agree.  God was showing me, yet again, that He is good and He cares for me. It was truly amazing!!

This display of His goodness and many more have since helped me to realize that everything will work out as it should.  Why? Because God is good and He glories in expressing His goodness to us in expected and unexpected ways.

So…I recommend that you ask God to help you grab a hold of this revelation of His goodness, once again, so you too can cling to it in your time of trial and so you can know that He is ALWAYS gonna do you good…a l w a y s! Because…He can’t help but be GOOD. He just is!



Contributed by Chika Okoro

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