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Know God, Know Thyself

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, “There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self.” Self-knowledge, the journey to answering the question “what am I like?” can be difficult because it is oftentimes pursued and measured against the world’s standard.   It requires us to compare[…]

Last weekend I took my niece and nephew to an indoor rock-climbing arena.  They were both very excited and couldn’t wait to start the ascent up the walls that had things of different shapes jutting out of them.  The eight year old was the most excited.  There was no fear[…]

After receiving the revelation of God’s holiness, the one other revelation I’ve had of God is of His goodness. Previously, the word “Good” didn’t mean much to me. I considered it a pretty bland word (boring, even) and I felt justified in my estimation of it. Let’s face it, in[…]

It’s September y’all!!! So we thought we’d hit you with our top 5 favourite songs this week. Let these spirit-filled tunes reset your mind and set the stage for an amazing month of clarity…Enjoy!



Have you ever felt lost or come to an intersection, unsure of what path to follow?  Are you constantly questioning and second-guessing yourself, wondering if you’re making the right decisions? Do you have dreams and desires that seem to have stalled?  Are you sinking from all the distractions and interruptions,[…]


👭 I Need You 👬

Recently I read that verse in Ecclesiastes that speaks about a dull AXE: “When the Axe is dull, more strength is required…” Eccles 10:10 As I pondered in my mind, the Holy spirit gave me a simpler analogy: Blunt knives and afang leaves. The most patient person would find it[…]



Happy New Year, family! We’ve missed you so. We’re starting off this year with our eyes set on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. Being an author is a great responsibility: it’s not just about the hours spent writing the story, it’s about crafting the storyline, thinking about[…]


Keep Walking 🚶

“Jesus came toward them, walking on the water.” Matthew 14:25 When Jesus sent the apostles to the other side of the sea, it wasn’t like there was a waterway Uber He could have called to drop Him off at the boat. He didn’t forget He was going to need a[…]

When we pray and don’t see answers, we often get discouraged. Like, maybe we’re not prayerful enough. Maybe we don’t have enough faith. Maybe we’ve sinned and this is our just punishment. And in our discouragement, we often find ourselves drifting slowly away from God… ““Simon, Simon, behold, Satan demanded[…]

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